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Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly challenge for book bloggers, vloggers, and book lovers, hosted by Lainey and Sam. The goal is to choose their top 5 picks for the week’s given challenge. Find out more on the  Goodreads group page!



Heyo! This week’s Top 5 Wednesday is about series that got better throughout the books. Without much else to say, these are my top 5:

5 – Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I read this quartet forever ago, and my young, middle school mind actually used to like these books. Looking back on it, I have no idea why, so please forgive me. Despite the fact that I have no interest in these books anymore, I do think that Fitzpatrick’s books got better as they went on. I read these books all within less than a few days, I believe, and I remember that the further I got into the series, the better they got. However, I don’t think I would really recommend these books unless you’re looking for more of a middle-grade quartet because, to be honest, the story and writing weren’t very mature.

4 – Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

This is a series that I have not finished (I believe I’m on book four?), but I can definitely say that these books have gotten better. Throughout the few novels in this series that I’ve read, it’s easy to see the development of Mead’s plot and characters. If you don’t know this series, it’s about a literal vampire academy (shocker) with students who are training to be both physical and magical fighters. It’s actually pretty good if you like action and petty, teen drama, so don’t judge the series off of the terrible covers.

3 – The Young Elites by Marie Lu

Marie Lu is one of my all time favorite authors (as I say with like every other post), and her Young Elites trilogy is amazing. It took me two tries to read the first book to get into the rest of the trilogy, but after the second time, I was into it. The first book was okay, the second was amazing, and the third was breathtaking. The trilogy is about this disease spreading across the lands, killing many people in its path. After it clears up, those who were infected and survived are called malfettos. There are some malfettos who have powers, and they’re called the Young Elites. These people are hated against for their “curses,” so it’s about them getting revenge and trying to take back what they believe is their throne. I highly recommend this trilogy.

2 – Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

The Shatter Me trilogy is another set of books that I absolutely love. Tahereh’s style is so beautiful, and I feel like she developed her plot and characters in such an artistic yet simplistic manner. The trilogy is about this dystopian world divided into sectors. There are people in the world that have special abilities, including our main character, Juliette. She has the ability to kill people with a single touch, but no ability to turn this off. After a traumatic event, she is locked away for a period of time by herself… until she gets a roommate at the start of the first book. Again, I strongly recommend this trilogy. (Also, off topic, the covers—minus that awkward dress one—aRE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.)

1 – City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I read this entire series in a span of less than a month, and it was torture because I had to wait a few days to get the next books in between reading. Clare is a fantastic storyteller, and I absolutely love this series, but the first book is a bit slow. It’s hard to get into at first, but I think once you get past the first book, it goes by in a breeze. The series is about these people called Shadowhunters. They are essentially demon hunters, but they have these runes that give them special abilities. The books follow our protagonist Clary Fray, who has no idea about the world of Shadowhunters until she’s swooped into the chaos. All in all, I do have some complaints about these books here and there, but I feel like this series has the most development out of any on this list. The characters are so much fun, the plot is exciting, and Clare’s writing can be interesting to follow.

As always, thank you guys for reading this post! If you’ve read any of these books and would like to discuss them, leave a comment down below telling me what you thought about them! Also, if you are a member of Top 5 Wednesday and have done this post, let me know! I’d love to see what your top 5 are!



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  1. It’s been ages for me as well since I read the Hush, Hush books. I’ve been thinking about scheduling a rereading month – so many books I’d like to read a second time – and maybe add these to see how my “grown up”-mind thinks about it now, haha.
    [Of course I would reread like every Shadowhunter book as well because.. Shaduwhunters!]

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